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Frank Swain writes and talks about science.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s in Natural Resource Management.

He has written for the Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Wired, New Scientist, BBC Focus, IET, and Plastic Rhino. He is the creator of, now hosted at SEED’s ScienceBlogs portal.

His broadcast work includes developing programs for BBC Radio 4 and Bravo, as well as advising for other networks.

He’s appeared on BBC Radios 5Live, 4, Oxford and Three Counties, as well as More4 News, to discuss science topics. Frank has hosted science events at the Secret Garden Party festival and the BA Festival of Science, spoken in schools and universities, and acted as a judge for the national Debating Matters competition.

Previously, he worked at Sense About Science, co-editing There Goes the Science Bit…, a report by the Voice of Young Science group investigating dodgy science claims in advertising, and working with BBC’s Newsnight to reveal the pseudoscience behind the Brain Gym programme.

Currently Frank is working on his first book, Zombology, for OneWorld Publications.  Here he is talking about zombies:

Frank has a history of making zines, being a filthy scenester, stage-managing burlesque shows, climbing buildings, harrying his betters, arguing the toss and generally being a force for good.

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